1-diaryofahauntingDiary of a Haunting, M. Verano.

Following her parents’ high-profile divorce, Paige and her brother are forced to move to Idaho with their mother, and Paige doesn’t have very high hopes for her new life. The small town they’ve moved to is nothing compared to the life she left behind in LA. And the situation is made even worse by the drafty old mansion they’ve rented that’s filled with spiders and plenty of other pests that Paige can’t even bear to imagine.

Pretty soon, strange things start to happen around the house—one can of ravioli becomes a dozen, unreadable words start appearing on the walls, and Paige’s little brother begins roaming the house late at night. And there’s something not right about the downstairs neighbor who seems to know a lot more than he’s letting on.

Things only get creepier when she learns about the cult that conducted experimental rituals in the house almost one hundred years earlier. The more Paige investigates, the clearer it all becomes: there’s something in the house, and whatever it is…and it won’t be backing down without a fight.

M. Verano is an associate professor of history and curator of the North Idaho historical text collection. His research interests include new religious movements, occult and magical societies, and supernatural folk histories of Eastern Europe and America. His scholarship has appeared in Archiv fur Altreligionsgeschichte, Transactions of the Continental Society for Hermetic Studies, and Memoirs of the Frances Yates Academy, and his most recent work is a monograph on Uqbarian catoptromancy. He is currently editing a series of first person narratives documenting parapsychological activity.

Amy Danziger Ross has an MFA from the University of Idaho and a Bachelor’s in Critical Theory and Anthropology from Brown University. She also worked as the fiction editor of Fugue, and has lived in upstate New York, Providence, Paris, Chicago, Copenhagen, Kyoto, Idaho and Taiwan.

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