A List of Articles Sitting in My To-Read Pile

…many of them since before I turned in my thesis. All of these articles look super interesting, but most of them are on the long/dense side, which is why I’ve been putting them off.

How Harry Potter Became the Boy Who Lived Forever — A long article about fanfic and the fanfic community. I don’t read (or write) fanfic, but I have an anthropological fascination with the whole concept.

Lonely Highways in the Land of Jail — Foucault and Art Bell! Two great tastes I had not expected to ever see combined. I love when my theory obsessions speak to my pop culture obsessions, so I’m very excited about this one.

William Burroughs interview — Burroughs and shamanism, two more of my favorite things.

This is your brain on shrooms — Speaking of shamanism… I normally resist neuroscientific interpretations of human experience, but hallucinogenic drugs are a fascinating tool for investigating mind/body questions.

The Proletarianization of Sensibility — About how Duchamp got into making Readymades, by way of Benjamin, Kant, Freud, Hoffman… I generally don’t find a lot of good writing about art on the web, so I don’t want to let this one slip by.

Star-Crossed: Edith Wharton and Julian Barnes — An exercise in juxtaposition, comparing Barnes and Wharton just because they have similar birthdays. But I love both authors, and I’m interested to see what unlikely connections the author finds.

Proust and his Mother — One of the richest, most discomfiting, and yet somehow most perfecty human of relationships in literary history.

The Material Existence of Ideology — Featuing Marx, Althusser, Butler, and other goodies… The novel in progress is all about the tension between the material and the ideological, so we can call this research. But it also looks like fun — ooh, diagrams!

The Loves of Lena Dunham — HBO’s “Girls” is my new guilty pleasure, which might get a whole blog post of its own at some point. This article about it is very long and from the New York Review of Books, so that’s promising… I do love when smart people talk at length about dumb things.


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    WHHHHYYYYYY did you post this list?

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  2. Comment by Elissa J. Hoole:

    Yeah, I just added this post to the open tabs, basically. ha!

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